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We created Classrooms for Cambodia in January 2009 with the goal of raising $19,000 to build a much-needed school for children in rural Cambodia. By August 2009, the combined efforts of our many family, friends and kind-hearted strangers resulted in the construction of “The Noble Path School”, which will transform the lives of thousands of Cambodian children its lifetime. Since August we have continued to receive donations from generous individuals, allowing us to further invest in the school and its students. We returned to Cambodia in December 2009 to celebrate the school’s opening ceremony. Click here to see photos from this amazing and inspiring trip.  Our efforts now focus on making value-added investments in the school and maintaining the salary of the English/Computer teacher. 
Cambodia is slowly recovering from a painful genocide in the late 1970s, during which virtually all institutions were destroyed, and the educated population was killed  (more in History). This left the country with essentially no schools and no teachers. In rural Cambodia, hundreds of villages still lack schools. Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in Asia, with a third of the country living on less than $1 per day*.  Yet despite its past and present challenges, the people we met in Cambodia humbled and inspired us through their entrepreneurial energy, warmth and good humor.
Of the many places we travelled, none has impacted us as dramatically as Cambodia, which we visited in January 2009. Cambodia opened our eyes to a tragic history and a level of poverty that we were unable to ignore.  After returning home from our trip, we reflected on how our own educations have provided us access to a world of opportunities (see About Us).  Upon speaking with Bernie Krisher and learning about the success he has achieved through the construction of hundreds of schools in rural Cambodia over the past 16 years, we decided to create Classrooms for Cambodia in order to fund a new school.   We are working in partnership with Bernie and two of his "on the ground" charities, World Assistance for Cambodia (WAfC), a US-registered tax-deductible charity, and HOPE Worldwide, a UK-registered charity. 
Building a school will help a new generation of young Cambodians create a thriving, sustainable environment for themselves and their country. WAfC-sponsored schools are having tremendous success - motivated children are flocking to the schools and gaining an educational foundation to enable them to continue their studies in medicine, business, law and other important fields.  Click here to see a short NY Times feature video about a student at a recently-built school.
We dedicate much of our free time to this project as well as making a meaningful contribution of our own money. 100% of the proceeds we raise will go towards this project: we are taking nothing out, other than memories, new friendships and the satisfaction of delivering our goal. 

Please explore our website and consider supporting our project.

With warm regards,
Noëlle and Mike Magluilo

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A lesson in humanity. A desire to help.


Cambodia is a captivating but very poor country, trying hard to recover from its heart-wrenching history. A visit there in 2009 inspired us to help...

We believe education is the key to long-term prosperity and peace in developing nations. Classrooms for Cambodia raised funds to build a school in Cambodia in 2009 to give its new generation the foundation for success.

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