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                   Mike Magluilo

Phone:  (+1) 303-551-4673

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Pick up the phone, drop us a line, poke us on Facebook, or even come by for coffee. We are interested in talking to as many of you as possible. The more people we can get involved, the greater our chance for success.

A little about us..... We are American with dual US/British citizenship and have moved back to Denver, Colorado in 2009 following seven years in London. We are amateur philanthropists devoting  much of our time to this project. When we’re not working on Classrooms for Cambodia, Noëlle is usually experimenting with her camera (many photos on this site are hers) and Mike can be found cycling in the mountains of Colorado.  Other interests include the Gers region of France, spending time with friends and family, burritos and Dunkin Donuts.

Education-based philanthropy has been a cornerstone of Mike's adult life. In 1989 Mike was awarded an Evans Scholarship to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Evans Scholarship is the largest privately funded college scholarship program in the US. The scholarship is awarded annually to deserving golf caddies demonstrating significant financial need. Receiving the Evans Scholarship changed Mike's life forever on a variety of levels. The Evans Scholarship funded Mike's four years of college tuition. It also introduced him to a chapter house of 90 fellow caddies, with whom he developed many close, lifelong friendships. Most importantly, it taught him enduring values of hard work, team play and charity.


Noëlle grew up in New Hampshire, and with a teacher for a mother, education was highly valued at home. Noëlle attended the University of New Hampshire and currently works as an IT analyst for The Children's Hospital in Denver. Learning about the challenges faced by female students in Cambodia is of particular interest to Noëlle. Click here to read the moving profiles of some female students in AAfC schools who are being further sponsored by AAfC to ensure they attend school regularly. 

In 2012, we will be awarding our first two ‘Baby Sam’ scholarships. These scholarships are named in memory of our son Samuel Robert. The scholarships will allow one boy and one girl from The Noble Path School to continue their education at a public high school in Phnom Penh.

Email. Snailmail. Ring-a-ding-ding. It’s all good.


C4C Key Principles

  1. *Exceptional return:

- Funds matched*

  1. -$19k for a high quality school

  2. -“Teach a man to fish” concept

  3. *A tangible outcome:

- Visit, see and touch your school

  1. *We are accountable:

- We put our own money in

- 100% proceeds go to the project;

   we take nothing out

- We provide regular updates


*World Bank, Asian Devel. Fund